Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bathing Suits & Ballet Slippers

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I took out every article of clothing in my chest of drawers so I could review the contents in all of their glory.

I gave away the too-small clothes to my mama, and the unsalvageable items to Goodwill. But the insightful part of the experience was realizing that many of my clothes are for my fictitious life - albeit one that has commonalities with my real life - that is more spontaneous, inspiring and creative.

I have about 4 leotards, 10 pairs of ballet tights, two pairs of ballet slippers and pointe shoes. New pointe shoes.

I also own about 8 bathing suits.

When I stepped back and reviewed this inventory I realized that next time I want to dance or escape somewhere sunny, I am going to take a ballet class or buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas.

And I can always shop when I get to Vegas.

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