Tuesday, November 17, 2009

mama mia

I have always admired my mom's sense of style. Her look influences me every day. My mom is always stylish (sans something we lovingly call her 'unabomber' look), but never trendy.

I think this is because she follows these unspoken rules -

1. red nails. Looked great in the 80's, will look great always.
2. big hair. She rocked it. I love it. Always will. (Now she has a pixie cut which is equally eye-catching and flattering).
3. quality shoes. Her red toes never touch plastic. She's owned her shoes for years and years.
4. no logos. ever. (This excludes Louis Vuitton).
5. simple, simple, simple.

(I am disappointed that I am not including pictures in this post...but I do not want it to prevent me from posting at all! I will scan pictures over thanksgiving and send them post-haste!)

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