Monday, October 5, 2009

old faithful and the holy grail

This morning I put on my old faithful outfit - navy party dress, orange toggle cardigan and brown riding boots - and realized it was dated. I love the pieces - and will continue to wear them in different iterations - but I was looking in the mirror at my 2006-self.

The navy dress I wore in my second engagement photos (second set of photos, first and only engagement). The orange cardigan was a J. Crew purchase - I waited for month for it to go on sale (since ad agencies don't pay much). The riding boots need a polish but will never go out of style.

My life's work is to choreograph the perfect wardrobe. To me, that means coordinating classic/stylish/modest/age appropriate outfits while avoiding unnecessary spending and disposable things. When I do buy, I will do my best to fall in love with clothes/shoes/accessories that are made in the USA. (I slipped and bought a mixed metal and pearl necklace from Forever 21. It is more fairy-godmother than 80's Madonna and also works as a lovely hair crown. And I am not sure the best shoes are made in the USA but that's another story).

The quest for the perfect wardrobe is on-going. And - when I am honest with myself - it is my holy grail.


  1. I love that outfit. So I don't accept dated, just, so timeless it has worked for three years now :)

    Congrats and good luck with your new endeavor!

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