Wednesday, October 7, 2009

lesson learned

I wore my Forever 21 necklace as a crown yesterday and my friend Sara took some pictures. Unfortunately we couldn't get a good photo because I found out that it doesn't really look that good. I am glad we took the pics, or else I would have continued wearing it and looking silly. Lesson learned.

This brings me to a personal challenge: examining the way I actually look in contrast to the way I think I look. And I have to believe the pictures when it doesn't look right.

Today I am wearing the necklace - as a necklace! I love it with my red chambray tunic, wide khakis and heels. I pegged and rolled the khakis a bit - it is my interpretation of the paper-bag look. It is a very very loose interpretation of a Woody Allen heroine.

And I am taking a picture of myself to make sure it looks kosher.

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