Friday, June 15, 2012

the tops

I have been eyeing a few tops that look great for nursing that I plan to get next month (birthday month!)

When I said in my last post that I "usually" wear a trapeze top or shirt tail sweater, I meant that I alternate between those two EVERY DAY. While I get great satisfaction out of really wearing my clothes, neither wardrobe item is an inspired choice for a dinner party or museum exhibit. So here are the tops that TOP my list. (Yes, that was painful for me too).

petal window tee ($38; anthro)
directional dolman ($68; anthro)
my mantra short sleeve tee ($58; lululemon)

As an aside, all nursing tops seem to be either wrap shirts (pretty, but not me), maternity shirts (because being pregnant and getting dressed was AWESOME), or super expensive.

As another aside, I have never purchased anything from lululemon before, so this adorable top may be my first. Lululemon makes gorgeous, excellent quality gear. Unfortunately, since my workout clothes consist of a leotard, over-sized faded shirts and sweats, and weird 80's running shorts, I hesitate to dip my toe in the pool of expensive/attractive ones. Lord knows I cannot buy a whole new 'exercise wardrobe.'

Did I mention that the ONLY exercise I do is walking?

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